What makes your home look dated?

I have toured hundreds of homes with buyers looking at lots of different styles, locations, features. A common feedback remark, particularly in an older home is how “dated” it looks.  That is a subjective observation but if my buyer(s) thinks it is dated, then I would be wasting my time trying to convince him other wise.  It might be easier to convince him my bell bottom pants and platform shoes are not dated (bring back the 70’s, I had that style) This dilemma is pretty common in real estate transactions. Sellers believe their homes are the greatest thing since sliced bread and everything about the home is (was) perfect for them so why would someone think other wise.  The buyer on the other hand wishes the home was different in some aspects.

It is perfectly acceptable for home owners to live with a style and features that they find comfortable regardless of trends and who might not  care about keeping up with times.  So if that is you, rest easy and enjoy your life. But if you decide to sell your lovely home, you may just get another view point, that being the buyer.  What might make a home seem dated theseswoopy drapes.png days? Here are a few observations that I hear from buyers in no particular order. Don’t shoot the messenger.

1. Vinyl flooring in an entry way leading down the hall into the kitchen.

2. Laminate counter tops can look dated depending on the designs associated with a particular decade.

3. Windows dressed up with PUFFY balloon shades or swags.  Just say no to the dswoopy drapes.pngoopy swoop.

4. While wall paper is making a comeback, some patterns will look very dated.  Those 6 inch borders glued to the top of the walls look like yesterday especially when they sit on top of another wall paper.

5. There was a time when maple and oak stained cabinets (especially those with ornate and French-ish carvings) were all the rage but that time has passed.

6. The sleigh that doesn’t come with 8 reindeer. As grand as a sleigh bed looks, it can really swallow up a bedroom making the space seem cramped. More perceived space is a good thing.

7. Certain kinds of light fixtures, hard to describe them, but I think most people recognize dated light fixtures quickly. 

8. Kitchen desk. Putting a desk in the kitchen was all the rage for about a decade, because after all, most family life does revolve around the kitchen. The problem is that a kitchen desk just ends up stacked with papers and clutter that you don’t want to see.

9. Pot racks above the kitchen island especially if the pots aren’t washed.

10. Popcorn ceilings, especially those that still have glitter stars, unless you can point out the milky way.

11. Tile counters. Buyers aren’t looking for ways to waste time by cleaning grout.

12. WORN carpet no matter what colour looks dated. Some styles and textures  of carpet can look old.

Ironically “dated” means that at one time it looked good. Some of you may be thinking, what goes around comes around so I will just stay put until I am up to date again.  Elements do come back in slightly different forms.  The key words here are that they come back in “slightly different forms.”  So I am hanging onto my bell bottom blue jeans but have ripped a bunch of holes in them to keep up with the latest looks, and I am not supposed to tuck in my shirt any more.