About Me

I think you would be hard pressed to find many Realtors that have done “Realtoring” as their only career in life.  Well neither have I. And so my life journey to the Real Estate profession has come through a broad spectrum of life experiences, all of which I believe can contribute to success in Real Estate.

  • Earlier years spent in residential home construction, contributed to being able to understand the structure and process of building a home.  Also involved in personal sweat equity and contracting in my homes.
  • Several years of school teaching contributed to people skills, patience, listening,  providing assistance and education.
  • Years working in upper level management of Furniture manufacturing has fostered and nurtured management, negotiating, business acumen, leadership, efficiency, computer, and relationship skills.
  • Three plus years managing a furniture company in Mexico stretched me in regards to being outside my comfort zone, teaching me stability, patience, adaptation, creativeness in almost every situation.  Try giving a speech in elementary Spanish to 600 Mexican employees.
  • Experience and life enjoyment as a father of three daughters, husband of one wife, with son-in-laws and grandkids added along the way.

“The moment you stop learning you stop leading.” (Ric Warren). In the years that I have been practicing Real Estate, I have continued to seek learning by practice, in theory and from others. I have gained knowledge and background to serve my clients with experience, fervour and the experience they deserve.

I have a favourite poster on a wall in my home.  It is a picture of a majestic eagle and on it the quotation, “Leadership is not Position, it is Action.” (Don McGannon).  With humility, I like to think I have risen to leadership in many undertakings of my life because people have trusted me and I have sought to earn (their trust) through action.

I would love to earn your trust with some Real Estate action TOGETHER with you.   august resized.jpg

And now for some Random Facts about me….. subject to change

  1. Took piano lessons when I was younger.  Wish I hadn’t quit but sports were more interesting.
  2. Have participated in most sports. Like watching football best, but still playing hockey.
  3. The Lone Ranger books were some of my favourites when I was young.
  4. I have experienced many roads on a “hog” (motorcycle). Both in Canada and Mexico.
  5. Enjoy the game Trivial Pursuit. Not good at it but can remember odd stuff.
  6. I have a quirky/dry sense of humour.
  7. Can remember many clean jokes, categorized in my mind loosely by theme. Say some too often.
  8. Have memorized the poem “Flanders’s Fields.” Not a war vet but challenged myself to learn it once.
  9. I am the third child of what would be considered a larger family.
  10. People tell me I have a serious face, but if you look close you will see a twinkle in my eye.
  11. Had a buzz cut in my early boyhood years for longer than I care to remember.
  12. I have done a musical quartet lip sync skit (Generic Brothers).  Twice but long retired.
  13. Born in Bassano Alberta
  14. Don’t have a favourite movie.
  15. Like to listen to easy listening music.
  16. Like to organize things, over and over.  Each time it is improved at least in my mind.
  17. Was better at sprinting then long distance running. Something about fast twitch muscles.
  18. I can bake/create creative fruit pies.  When I am looking to do something completely different.
  19. Valedictorian in my grade 12 year in Brandon Manitoba.
  20. Loved to ride horse when I was young. Fell off numerous times. Been kicked and stepped on by horses.